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Brad Katsuyama of IEX
Brad Katsuyama, CEO of IEX, features prominently in Flash Boys and describes Wall Street as rigged. (Lehigh University)

The ‘Flash Boys’ Tax on Market Participants

1211 680 Fergus Hodgson

Michael Lewis Explains the Financial Club That Lives On

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Gibbs’s discoveries dethrone well-known leaders of the green-energy movement in the United States. (Stop These Things)

‘Planet of the Humans’ Defrocks Faux Environmentalists

1170 658 Paz Gómez

Green-Energy Profiteering Compels Responsible Investment, End to Subsidies

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puerto rico tax heaven
The deal is particularly attractive to US citizens: they do not need a residency permit. (MariamS)

Puerto Rico’s Allure as a Tax Haven

1170 658 Paz Gómez

Struggling Island Attracts Residents, Businesses with Meaningful Benefits

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Few issues impact every single Alaskan more than the annual dividend from the fund. (12019/10259 images)

What Endangers the Alaska Fund

1170 658

Politics Proves Weak Link amid Shortfall

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coronavirus inflation
Economists call inflation a hidden tax because it chips away at the purchasing power of a currency. (John Loo)

Why Inflation Is Inevitable after Coronavirus Bailout

1170 658 Paz Gómez

The millions of Americans receiving the $1,200 aid check in the coming weeks will feel relief now but inevitably suffer down the road, as inflation rises.

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Coming Apart murray
Charles Murray's cold demeanor has not stopped him becoming one of the most influential authors in the United States. (Gage Skidmore)

How the Divided States of America Came Apart

1774 875 Fergus Hodgson

Charles Murray Leaves Political Correctness in His Wake

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Puerto Rico
The Financial Oversight and Management Board established under PROMESA started to manage Puerto Rico’s finances in May 2017. (Financial Oversight & Management Board for Puerto Rico)

What Bankruptcy Means for Puerto Rico

1170 658 Paz Gómez

Three years have passed since a legal experiment allowed Puerto Rico to declare bankruptcy, and financial recovery remains elusive.

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FBI in Paraguay
President Donald Trump met with Paraguay President Mario Abdo in the Oval office of the White House. (The White House)

The US Campaign to Fight Corruption in Paraguay

1170 658 Daniel Duarte

President Abdo Benítez Partners with FBI against Own Party

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One-third of all borrowers have failed to complete their degrees. (Canva)

The US Student Debt Crisis in Numbers

1170 658 Paz Gómez

Peer-to-Peer Lending, No-Loan Financial Aid Have Surged as Private Solutions

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