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Econ Americas draws on vast research and editorial experience to communicate financial opportunities to stakeholders. We help natural-resource firms expand into Latin America and garner a social license.

Our Services

We help firms raise their profiles, refine their messages, protect their brands, and attract capital.

We provide outreach, media relations, and mediation with communities and state officials for win-win ventures.

We prepare financial analysis and valuations of firms, focusing on natural resources.

We provide evenhanded analysis of macroeconomic trends and geopolitical risks.

Our Team

Fergus Hodgson
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Paz Gómez
Market Analyst
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Who We Serve

Our clients include mining companies, financial publications, think tanks, and private investors who seek publications support and stakeholder management.

Why Econ Americas

Our record of prominent, forthright publications sets us apart and attests to our passion for financial markets and economic development, especially in Latin America. Sustained devotion to our work has allowed us to accumulate a trusted network of individuals and institutions committed to growth for firms and nations.

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