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We bridge the information divide and provide unrivaled analysis, reporting, and recommendations on alternative investments in Latin America.

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The Econ Americas team draws on vast research and editorial experience in Latin America to help clients identify financial opportunities and communicate them to stakeholders.


We prepare contract financial analysis and valuations of firms, focusing on real assets and private equity.


We provide sober, evenhanded analysis of macroeconomic trends and geopolitical risks.


We manage communications for firms to help refine their messages, protect their brands, expand their audiences, and attract capital.


We compare jurisdictions for investment attractiveness and analyze regulations for capital-market expansion and financial inclusion.

Our Team


Fergus Hodgson
.     .


Tanisha Mendieta
Communications Director
.     .

PAZ (1)

Paz Gómez
Market Analyst
.        .

Who We Serve

Our contract clients have varied needs, and we have an attentive, responsive team. We focus on financial publications, family offices, and SMEs that wish to outsource research and communications.

Why Econ Americas

Econ Americas is unrivaled in its understanding of Latin American economies, geopolitics, and opportunities. Our record of prominent, forthright publications sets us apart and attests to our passion for financial markets and economic development. Sustained devotion to our work has allowed us to accumulate a trusted network of individuals and institutions committed to growth for firms and nations.

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