MILA will not take off until member countries harmonize investment rules and provide tax incentives. (MILA)

The Latin American Integrated Market (MILA): A Misnomer?

1170 658 Daniel Duarte

Lack of Harmonization, Red Tape Hamper Investment

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Honduras Prospera
Honduras Próspera is offering limited presale reservations for housing units that will become a boutique hotel. (Próspera)

First Startup City Revives Honduran ZEDEs

1170 658 Paz Gómez

For years, Honduras’s ZEDEs seemed destined to never get off the ground. Roatán Próspera took everyone by surprise when it launched in early May 2020.

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Ignoring or downplaying cryptocurrency critics will not make them go away.
Ignoring or downplaying cryptocurrency roadblocks will not make them go away. (Zach Copley)

Five Ways Cryptocurrency Critics Are Right

1939 956 Fergus Hodgson

Cryptocurrency skeptics can help us understand what roadblocks remain, even if listening to them does not tickle our fancy.

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alternative investments scrutiny
WeWork's 2019 IPO fiasco was a wake-up call for venture capital. (Wikimedia)

Can Alternative Investments Withstand Mainstream Scrutiny?

710 350 Daniel Duarte

Once deemed the Wild West of finance, alternative investments have matured and doubled their market share over the past 15 years.

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Emanuel Derman, author of My Life as a Quant.
Emanuel Derman, author of My Life as a Quant and Columbia University professor. (Institute of Physics)

What Intellectuals Resent about Laissez Faire

1603 790 Fergus Hodgson

For those wishing to understand why intellectuals—including economists—often bear animus towards laissez-faire outcomes, Emanuel Derman is a case study.

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Seasteading Panama
The final version of SeaPods will host SeaBnBs, timeshares, or long-term rental businesses. (Ocean Builders)

Seasteading Startup Docks in Panama

1170 658 Paz Gómez

Seasteading, the idea of building permanent and self-governing dwellings in international waters, has pivoted to Latin America.

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REITs in ecuador quito
Real estate is one of the country’s top five economic activities, accounting for 8 percent of GDP and more than 2 million jobs. (Canva)

REITs in Ecuador Take Off

1170 658 Paz Gómez

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are just four years old in Ecuador, a dollarized economy, with tax benefits driving their rapid development.

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coronavirus inflation
Economists call inflation a hidden tax because it chips away at the purchasing power of a currency. (John Loo)

Why Inflation Is Inevitable after Coronavirus Bailout

1170 658 Paz Gómez

The millions of Americans receiving the $1,200 aid check in the coming weeks will feel relief now but inevitably suffer down the road, as inflation rises.

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Coming Apart murray
Charles Murray's cold demeanor has not stopped him becoming one of the most influential authors in the United States. (Gage Skidmore)

How the Divided States of America Came Apart

1774 875 Fergus Hodgson

The divergence of core behaviors and values is the core theme of “Coming Apart.” Murray makes no bones about politically incorrect and icky realities.

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nicaragua energy
The Nicaraguan market share of Alba Generación has decreased by 70 percent from January 2019 to January 2020. (Canva)

Fixed for Failure: Corruption in Nicaragua’s Energy

1170 658 Paz Gómez

In 2019 alone, energy bills in Nicaragua saw an 18.3 percent increase. The major causes were persistent inefficiency and US sanctions.

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