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Fergus Hodgson

Fergus Hodgson

Fergus Hodgson

Fergus Hodgson is the director of Econ Americas. Originally from New Zealand, he studies finance at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Ignoring or downplaying cryptocurrency critics will not make them go away.
Ignoring or downplaying cryptocurrency roadblocks will not make them go away. (Zach Copley)

Five Ways Cryptocurrency Critics Are Right

1939 956 Fergus Hodgson

Cryptocurrency skeptics can help us understand what roadblocks remain, even if listening to them does not tickle our fancy.

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Emanuel Derman, author of My Life as a Quant.
Emanuel Derman, author of My Life as a Quant and Columbia University professor. (Institute of Physics)

What Intellectuals Resent about Laissez Faire

1603 790 Fergus Hodgson

For those wishing to understand why intellectuals—including economists—often bear animus towards laissez-faire outcomes, Emanuel Derman is a case study.

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Coming Apart murray
Charles Murray's cold demeanor has not stopped him becoming one of the most influential authors in the United States. (Gage Skidmore)

How the Divided States of America Came Apart

1774 875 Fergus Hodgson

The divergence of core behaviors and values is the core theme of “Coming Apart.” Murray makes no bones about politically incorrect and icky realities.

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Eliyahu Goldratt (1947–2011), author of "The Goal."
Eliyahu Goldratt (1947–2011), author of The Goal. (Spearhead)

Four Timeless Lessons from ‘The Goal’

1054 520 Fergus Hodgson

Times have changed but operations fundamentals have not. New generations return to and learn from the same well that is “The Goal” by Eliyahu Goldratt.

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peter thiel zero to one
Peter Thiel has sought to harness the power of entrepreneurship for profound human advancement. (JD Lasica)

Peter Thiel’s Recipe for Entrepreneurship

2027 1000 Fergus Hodgson

‘Zero to One’ Narrows Focus to Create, Add Value

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Charles Wheelan, author of Naked Statistics, has brought his insights to the world, seen here in Liberia. (@BridgeIntlAcads)

Why ‘Naked Statistics’ Succeeds Where Schools Fail

1170 658 Fergus Hodgson

Charles Wheelan’s Storytelling Reveals the Point of It All

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If students are too young and impressionable to take on loans, politicos shouldn’t promote state-sponsored loans. (Canva)

A Solution to Student-Loan Crisis: No More Risk-Free Loans

1170 658 Fergus Hodgson

Privatize All Programs to Immediately Stop The Bleeding

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Daniel Lacalle, author of Life in the Financial Markets and chief economist for Tressis. (Daniel Lacalle)

Financial-Market Naysayers No Match for Daniel Lacalle

1170 658 Fergus Hodgson

Hedge-Fund Economist Confronts Myths, Offers Sage Advice for Next Generation

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The real-estate sector contend their own downturn is, in effect, everyone’s downturn. (Orygun)

Canadians Abandon Ownership Thanks to Mortgage Restrictions

1170 658 Fergus Hodgson

Fall in Housing Activity Is Fomenting Economic Hardship

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Fines are one way to bend internet firms, along with broader interpretation and enforcement of hate-speech legislation. (stevepb)

Digital Charter Is Trojan Horse for Censorship

1170 658 Fergus Hodgson

Safety Protections Is Already Limiting Legitimate Discussions

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