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Argentina Crypto
The Argentine government addressed the rise in cryptocurrency use by issuing Decree 796/21 in November 2021. (Canva)

Argentines Put Crypto to Work

1170 658 Paz Gómez

Freelancers Find Refuge from Peso, Government Erects Departure Taxes

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protests against uber
Taxi drivers block streets during a protest against Uber in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Apr. 20, 2016. On top of protests, taxi cartels have resorted to vandalism to protect their market. (Wikimedia)

Argentina Uber Vandals Are Just That: Vandals

1170 658 Fergus Hodgson, CAIA

Taxi Cartels Are Like the Mafia Defending its Territory

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A protester in Buenos Aires protests the IMF during the "corralito," the 2001-2002 freezing of bank deposits. (Wikimedia)

Incrementalism Has Failed Argentina

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No One Trusts Mauricio Macri’s Not-So-Austere Austerity

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kirchners raised tax burden
Néstor and Cristina Kirchner ruled Argentina from 2003 to 2015. (Wikimedia)

Argentina’s Taxes the Fastest Rising in Latin America

1170 658 Paz Gómez

The Land of Perón Outweighs Neighbors with Fiscal Burden

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Protests Argentina
A public demonstration in May 2018 against hikes in public utility bills, which include home-heating gas. (Banfield)

Argentina Defaults on Gas Payments, Foments Standoff with Bolivia

1170 658 Paz Gómez

Mauricio Macri Turns to Chile amid Budget Cuts Required by IMF

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