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Daniel Duarte

Daniel Duarte

Daniel Duarte is Econ Americas' Spanish and English editor. A journalist and university instructor, he studied philosophy at the National University of Asunción, Paraguay. He holds a certificate in English-Spanish translation from the University of Toronto, Canada. Follow @dduart3.

investors bolivia

What Investors Want to See from Bolivia

1395 797 Daniel Duarte & EA Staff

Institutional Degradation Undermines Natural Resources Industry

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latin american tax havens and tax hells

Latin American Tax Havens and Tax Hells

1387 775 Daniel Duarte & EA Staff

New Era of Fiscal Voracity Sweeps the World

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Google datacenter Uruguay
Google’s plot is in a privately run free-trade zone called the Sciences Park. (Zona Franca PDLC)

Why Google Picked Uruguay

1170 658 Daniel Duarte

Chile’s Loss Is Southern Cone Neighbor’s Gain

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Colombia Medical Cannabis
Producing a gram of cannabis in Colombia costs approximately $0.05 compared to $1.5 in North America. (Seed Finder)

Bureaucracy Nips Colombia’s Medical Cannabis in the Bud

1170 658 Alejandra Londoño & Daniel Duarte

Five years have passed since Colombia jumped on the medical-cannabis bandwagon and joined the 20-plus countries that have incentivized its production and commerce.

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MILA will not take off until member countries harmonize investment rules and provide tax incentives. (MILA)

The Latin American Integrated Market (MILA): A Misnomer?

1170 658 Daniel Duarte

Lack of Harmonization, Red Tape Hamper Investment

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alternative investments scrutiny
WeWork's 2019 IPO fiasco was a wake-up call for venture capital. (Wikimedia)

Can Alternative Investments Withstand Mainstream Scrutiny?

710 350 Daniel Duarte

Once deemed the Wild West of finance, alternative investments have matured and doubled their market share over the past 15 years.

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FBI in Paraguay
President Donald Trump met with Paraguay President Mario Abdo in the Oval office of the White House. (The White House)

The US Campaign to Fight Corruption in Paraguay

1170 658 Daniel Duarte

President Abdo Benítez Partners with FBI against Own Party

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Paraguay field
Sunset in La Colmena, Paraguarí. (AgriTerra KG)

Investors Find Fertile Ground in Paraguay

1170 658 Daniel Duarte

Fiscal Responsibility, Stable Currency Bear Fruit

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Brazil: Will the Wall Hold between Military and Politics? Cooptation or Cooperation to Define Bolsonaro Presidency brazil bolsonaro military Presidential guard troops salute the national flag in Brasília, the country's capital. (Agência Brasil)

Brazil: Will the Wall Hold between Military and Politics?

1170 658 Daniel Duarte

Cooptation or Cooperation to Define Bolsonaro Presidency

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