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Matthew Raphael Johnson
Matthew Raphael Johnson does more harm than good by writing on Latin America. (Realist Report)

Matthew Raphael Johnson’s Perversion of Latin American History

1285 630 Fergus Hodgson

DIY Book Shows Pitfalls of Putting Ideology before Evidence

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FBI in Paraguay
President Donald Trump met with Paraguay President Mario Abdo in the Oval office of the White House. (The White House)

The US Campaign to Fight Corruption in Paraguay

1170 658 Daniel Duarte

President Abdo Benítez Partners with FBI against Own Party

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Paraguay field
Sunset in La Colmena, Paraguarí. (AgriTerra KG)

Investors Find Fertile Ground in Paraguay

1170 658 Daniel Duarte

Fiscal Responsibility, Stable Currency Bear Fruit

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Mengele in Paraguay
Commandant Richard Baer, Josef Mengele, and Rudolf Hoess in Auschwitz, 1944. (Karl-Friedrich Höcker)

Nazi Past Haunts South America’s Penchant for Impunity

1170 658 Daniel Duarte

Investigative Journalists Show Paraguayan Complicity with War Criminal Josef Mengele

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e-justice paraguay
The Paraguayan Supreme Court of Justice signs off on digital access to information. (Senatics)

E-Justice Is a Game Changer for Paraguay

1170 658 Paz Gómez

Antonia Bogado: Pilot Plan Delivers Transparency, Removes Barriers to Access

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