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How to Package Finance for Social Media

How to Package Finance for Social Media

Interview with Paula Gaviria of Colombia

How to Package Finance for Social Media

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Paula Gaviria is Econ Americas’ communications director. With over seven years of experience in digital marketing, she leads the efforts to market our own content and our clients’ across several platforms.

How is marketing financial content different from other types?

The main difference lies in the people we are trying to reach. Our audience comprises critical thinkers who are data-driven and well-informed. This means offering relevant information and a new perspective can be challenging, but of course, this is a challenge we are more than happy to take on. I’m proud to say our marketing is less fluff and more substance compared with other financial outlets covering Latin America out there. 

What is the biggest challenge you face in your job? 

The biggest challenge is finding the right way to engage with my audience—understanding the kind of content they want to see and how they want to see it. Constantly thinking about new ways our audience would like to interact with our content is a big part of my job.

Social media is like a big, ongoing party, and you do not want to be the socially awkward person in the room that keeps interrupting people while they are trying to have fun.

What is the next trend or change you see in digital marketing?

Video and real-time content. People want to see their favorite influencers commenting on the latest news and trends, while also being a part of the discussion. They want to process events as they unfold with people they can relate to. Livestreaming on YouTube or Twitter offers this opportunity, increasing engagement and audience growth.

How important are analytics to your job?

Analytics are key to social media. Since there is no formula or one-size-fits-all strategy, there is only testing and adjusting your content to what your audience is asking for.

Our website numbers help us understand where our audience is coming from, what articles perform better, and how engaging our content is. Digital marketing rests heavily on the insights we collect from data.   

What sources, journals, or individuals do you rely on for digital-marketing trends?

Matt Navarra’s Facebook group, The Social Media Geekout, is by far my favorite source of information right now. Navarra is on top of industry news and all the small changes and new features on the different platforms. This group is also a great place for discussion with experts in the digital space. Other great resources of information are HubSpot and YouTube. 

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