Our Story

Economics, Finance, and Policy Are Our Passions

Econ Americas is a product of emergent order. Our team of analysts, editors, translators, and communicators have a passion for economics, finance, and policy, and our business grew organically to meet the needs of clients who sought to disseminate insights across the continent.

As a startup research organization, Econ Americas has a mission. We believe in the potential for creative destruction and jurisdictional arbitrage to enable prosperity. Therefore, we emphasize and examine two sides of the same coin: market innovation and competitive governance.

Our logo is the Santa Catalina Arch in Antigua, Guatemala. This city was once the Guatemalan Kingdom’s capital and the gateway between North and South America. It represents the combination of antiquity and the new world. At Econ Americas, we strive to be the continent’s gateway between classical economics and disruptive finance.

Santa Catalina Arch in Antigua, Guatemala. (Ale_Gonzalez)

Read our founder’s Epoch Times article, “How the Fintech Revolution Could Liberate Us,” for why financial economics inspires him.


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