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Financial Sovereignty for Canadians

Untether Yourself from the Ottawa Leviathan

Fergus Hodgson & Paz Gómez

The 2022 trucker convoy showed many Canadians had reached their limits. The COVID-19 regime was the last straw after rising living costs, indebtedness, and taxes amid vanishing opportunities and civil liberties.

The convoy’s participants encountered not compromise but persecution. They realized the federal political class were antagonistic and wondered what to do next.

Financial Sovereignty for Canadians assists those looking to take direct action and circumvent illiberalism. Fergus Hodgson and Paz Gómez detail Canada’s economic trajectory, explain how to protect your independence, and offer escapes from the status quo. Readers will learn practical strategies, including:

  • how and where to start one’s own business;
  • wealth protection with precious metals;
  • the swiftest path into the United States;
  • expatriation options in the Americas;
  • censorship-resistant cryptocurrencies;
  • proven ways to conceal transactions.

Canada has a meritorious classical-liberal legacy. This book is a gateway to reclaiming your sovereignty—being a driver and not a passenger—and opening your mind beyond partisanship and political correctness.

About the Authors

Fergus Hodgson

Financial economist and geopolitical editor

Paz Gómez

Public-policy researcher and blockchain lecturer