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Maurício F. Bento

Maurício F. Bento

Maurício F. Bento

Maurício F. Bento holds a Master’s degree in Economics. He has lived in Washington where he worked with the Cato Institute and the Charles Koch Institute. Currently, he lives in the Brazilian capital, Brasilia, and is a Non-Resident Fellow of the Property Rights Alliance.

brazil's pension reform
Brazil’s pension system is among the most generous in the world, according to the OECD. (Alexa_Fotos)

Brazil’s Pension Reform: A Herculean Task

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Investor Confidence, Economic Growth Tied to Positive Outcome

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brazil pension reform
The National Social Security Institute is a federal agency that handles Brazil's pensions. (Wikimedia)

Why Brazil Cannot Avoid Pension Reform

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Ageing Population, Privileges Underpin Untenable System

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